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Creation Evolution Debate - Lucy, youve got some splaining to do.

    Is Evolution-Lucy for real? Take the time to find an online picture of Lucy’s skeletal remains and be honest with yourself. Is this enough to base our science on? There are many archeological finds that support the Darwinian view of the decent of man, and many of those remains are now found in museums around the world. There is enormous governmental support for the advance of science to study archeology and other sciences. But, are the tax payers getting their money’s worth?

    The Creation Evolution Debate is laid out well in the book The Science of God. The Science of God is a slap in the face to most Genesis One Creationists. But The Science of God also questions the viability of the full scope of Darwinian evolution. All across the land, young children are either being fed creation stories from the Bible while they attend parochial school, or they are taught government sanctioned science in the public school system, where you might be fired or even jailed for discussing the Biblical creation account. Which of these two avenues is true? Which is morally acceptable?

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    Many people are able to swiftly disconnect their religion from their understanding of science and evolution, yet they still believe that somehow Genesis Chapter One is true. These anomalies in thinking are difficult to ignore when we examine the subject. Does science do the same thing as creationists do? There are many very imaginative theories tossed about in the field of evolutionary science, and some of these theories strain even the most radical evolutionist. And yet with well over a century of debate, it seems that we are no closer to finding the truth than we were when Darwin’s theories were fully published.

    The Book, The Science of GodCreation, Intentional Design, Big Bang, and EvolutionThe Debate, by Russ Lindemann, cuts through the myths and offers interesting insight that explains a great deal about our origins. Hang on to your hats, because this book is not what many people will expect based on its title. The Science of God is a good read for both, the believers of creation and those who believe evolution.


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